Friday, April 04, 2008

A little fairy and a flower pincushion.

This is my newest pincushion. It is a flower with a little fairy.
The fairy is attached to a hat pin so she is actually removable.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Oh Look I do make dolls :o)

This is a mermaid that I made sometime last year. I think she is the last doll that I completely finished.

I have been dreaming of dolls lately.
I want to make one but not sure what kind.
Do I want to make another mermaid? A fairy? A pretty doll? A primitive doll or A ???????
I just don't know.

Where do you find inspiration?

Sometimes I like to just look through pattern shops
Like or
Although I find myself wanting to buy patterns.
I realize that I buy patterns because I want to own the doll on the cover. I rarely ever make the doll.
I also like to look around the cloth doll connection
There is always something fun to look at there.
Sometimes I like to blog surf and see what others are doing.
(You can follow one of the rings listed on the left of my blog)
And then there is google.
Aw google - How did we ever get along without it? LOL

I also made a new pincushion.
It is in my etsy shop.
It is a retro rusty mouse and cheese.

Anyway off to find some inspiration!