Wednesday, February 16, 2011


They started digging on February 8th.
It didn't take very long to get the hole dug.
We went back two days later and it was all finished and looked a mess!
It was quite amusing because our basement in our current house is always a mess and it drives my husband crazy!
I teased him a little about it saying look they already messed it up for you!!
Next the walls go up!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hello and Good News!!
We are building a new house!
These are photos of the lot.

I have no idea where 2010 went.
I didn't make a thing and spent the entire year going back and forth with the VA trying to get my husbands benefits straightened out.
If you ever have dealt with the VA it is like riding a roller coaster. As soon as you think your at the end they send you back up again and you feel like your never going to get off!!!
As some of you know (and I thank you for your support) my husband is a disabled veteran.
So we are building a specially adaptive house for him.
It's been a long process but they finally started it and I'm so excited!!
I'll be keeping you all posted with the progress.
I'll have my own studio in this house Yeah!! All of my stuff has been packed up since May - we needed the space for a guest room.
I can't wait to unpack and make a teddy or two! :->