Thursday, December 20, 2007

I finally finished up a Christmas present. Yeah!!
These are fleece throws. They are quite large and very soft.
The blue one has the Cowboys logo on it. My hubby picked it out for his Dad so I hope he likes that team LOL
The animal print one is for my mother in law. It has apx 164 hand tied yarn tassels on it. I really like the way it turned out. I want to keep it! :o)
Now to find a box and get them mailed. I hope they make it before Christmas.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My name is Lola and I want to be showgirl!
When I heard I was going to Nevada - all I could think of was dancing and the glamor and the lights!
OK so I may never go to Las Vegas but I can dance on my new owners desk and watch as she creates her beautiful art!

This little bear is apx 5"

She has and embroidered nose and paw pads which have been shaded.

She wears a hand beaded ribbon around her neck.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Christmas Mice

These are a couple of Christmas ornaments that I made.
I finished them a couple of months ago but they were for a gift so I couldn't show them.
I wanted them to be a surprise :o)

The mice are about 3" and made out of a wonderful upholstery velvet.
They are based on some vintage ornaments that I have.
(The mice also have tiny whiskers that don't show up in the photos and their collars are ribbon and beads)

These were such a joy to make. They were one of those projects that just went together like a dream. They didn't come out like I had planned but I really like the way they turned out.

(They pictures are not very good. The color is a bit off - but what else is new. Someday I will learn to take a good picture LOL)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Meet Annie
She is a 10" silly little sock monkey.

Around here the boys are calling her "Bump in the Night"
They think that she looks scary!
Annie isn't scary but she does like to get up during the night and have a little snack. Maybe it is the refrigerator closing that scares them? :o)

Annie wears a little charm around her neck that says "Believe"
She believes that she is beautiful and wants to remind everyone to believe in themselves and in there dreams.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I love Autumn. It is my favorite season.
Only this year.......
I can't believe that it is mid October and is still 80 degrees!!!!!
It makes is so hard to be creative.

It took me three months to finish little Maggie. She is all dressed up in her pink, black and white knit suit waiting for the leaves to change color and fall gently to the ground. She may look like a girly girl but she loves to jump in the leaf piles :o)

Maggie is a silly sock monkey. She is apx. 10 inches (7 inches sitting), She. wears a beaded black ribbon around her neck, wrists and ankles. She also has pink polish on her fingers and toes.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Tiny Teddy Bear Pincushion
This little bear stands about 3".
She is made out of a soft purple velvet fabric. She holds a tiny fabric berry pincushion.
Her little cap is made out of the same fabric as the berry as are her paw pads.
She has beading on her neck ruffle, berry and cap. Her face has been lightly shaded with purple colored pencil.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

I have been tagged
with a nice award by two really awesome doll makers.

Natalie makes the most whimsical and unique dolls.

Connie makes awesome pin dolls. They are so colorful and fun.
Thank you both (apparently you haven't spoken to my kids LOL)
I am suppose to nominate 5 people - so let me think who!
Then those 5 people are suppose to nominate 5.
Copy the tagged picture and post to their blog.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Charm Swap
I finally received my charms from the charm swap that I participated in.
WOW they are all so wonderful!!
From left to right they are from
and mine. (yes that is a picture of Hazel. She wanted to participate also LOL)
Thank you all so much I love them!!
Now to see about making a charm doll to hold them.
Sherry has created a charming doll class especially to hold the tiny charms.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

So I finally finished up a pair of earrings I was working on. I have never made a pair of cloth earrings before so it was challenging to figure out how to attach the ear wires.
These are tiny - like pin dolls. They measure apx. 2.5". There faces are cloth over clay and they are hand beaded.
The picture came out slightly darker than they really are.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Hey Millie?
Yes Mo?
What are we doing here?
We are celebrating the 4th of July Mo.
Hey Mo?
Yes Mille?
What are you suppose to be?
I am a sock monkey Millie!
Hey Mo?
Yes Millie?
You don't look like a sock monkey! - Come to think of it neither do I.
Well, Millie Maybe we are just silly sock somethings.
Mo - Does that mean I'm a silly sock something else?
Yes, Millie you are a silly sock something else!
Yes Mo?
What are we doing here again?
Oh Yeah


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Oh My!!

Where did June go?

With the kids out of school for summer it has been really crazy around here. June just flew by.

I have finally managed to finish a couple of things.

This is a paper doll for a trade.

She is suppose to resemble someone - can you guess who? :o)
Her bag opens to reveal all of her favorite supplies. I hope my swap partner loves her.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I'm Wee Bit.
The doll Yvette made in elinor peace baileys class on Saturday.
Elinor did my face - Isn't it beautiful? She does such wonderful faces.
What an exciting time that was.
She is such an inspiration to all doll makers and to watch her make faces was just wonderful!
I was amazed how she could take her crayons and pens and just color so fast and create a fabulous face.
The most amazing thing was that she purchased a teddy bear and doll pin from me. I couldn't believe it! She also asked me to make her some earrings. WOW she wants some of my art!!
The class was held at a really cool fabric/fibre art store. It is called 145 Art and Design Studio and is located in Culpeper, Virginia. The shop has amazing fabrics and yummy fibres and all kinds of art supplies. Noreen, the owner, is such a sweet person. She really went out of her way to make the class wonderful. She even brought us chocolate during the middle of the class. Can't get any better than that! If you are ever in the area stop by and check out her store. It is like a candy store for fabric lovers.
It was such a wonderful day! I will cherish the memory forever!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hi - I'm Charlie and we are in the middle of a big decision here.

Yvette is getting ready for a class with elinor peace bailey this weekend.

She is really excited as it will be her first doll class. And she has heard what a fun teacher elinor is!

( I heard somewhere she doesn't capitalize her name? - is that true? )

Anyway we are trying to decide with pattern to make. (I know she should have started it already but .... ????

I don't know why she has waited. Since she waited so long to start this doll we didn't have time to buy a pattern so she is picking one from a magazine.

Here are the two patterns that we are choosing from.

Wee Bit Revisited

which is in The Cloth Doll magazine - Fall 1998.

Here are the fabrics combinations that she has chosen to possible make that one.

Aren't those tassel delightful!!! I love them and the orange is so wild.

OH! There is a glare on the magazine photo. Maybe I should learn to use the camera - instead of just monkeying around with it..tee hee :o)


The Keeper of Memories

which is in Cloth Dolls magazine - This magazine was a special edition magazine publish a while ago. It's an Australian magazine I don't think they made any more. Well at least we didn't find one :o)

Here are the fabric combination for that doll.

They are a little more elegant and they are so silky. The light one with flowers is very glittery!

I wonder which she will choose. I don't see any pink and black or red which are her favorite colors to use. I wish she would hurry up! She promised to finish me sometime in the future. I think I would like a button front shirt collar and a tie. I want to be a well dressed monkey! :o)

Where did May go? It seems to have rushed by. The kids will be out of school in a week!!!!! Now lets get in that studio and start sewing!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I am having a problem with this tiny ted.

He doesn't want to get dressed!!

I tried to put him in pink but that didn't make him happy.
He firmly declared "I am a boy!!! And boys don't wear pink!!!"

He is just under 2 " and has a magnet in his bottom so he can stick to the metal lid of this box.

Does anyone have any idea as to what colors he should wear?
I am thinking of putting him in a party hat and decorating the box like a present. I hope he likes that idea. But ... I don't know.
For a little guy he sure is opinionated LOL

Monday, May 21, 2007

Inches charm swap

I am doing a charm swap with a group of 12 ladies.
The idea is to make a charm out of any material that measure 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" or smaller...the only requirement is that they be able to be attached with a jump ring so they can be added to a charm bracelet or something.

I forgot to take a picture of mine before I wrapped them for shipping so now it will be a surprise when the ladies receive them.
I hope they are going to like them!
Swaps always make me so nervous! :o)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I have been tagged by Shashi.

Apparently what I am supposed to do is start with 7 random facts/habits about myself post them in my blog and then choose 7 people to tag - and not forget to tell them in the comment section of their blog.

So here goes!!
1) I don't like to be bothered in the morning until I have had coffee and time to wake up.
2) I love miniature shoes and regular shoes for that matter.
3) I love unusual teapots.
4) I start a lot more projects than I finish.
5) I always wanted to ride on the cow when he jumped over the moon. I also wanted to know why he did that.
6) My favorite place is the beach. I love to watch the seals and dolphins play and to collect sea shells. I miss living close to it.
7) I married my husband in less than 1 month after meeting him - we have been married 18 years and I still love him and he is my best friend.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Nothing new comming out of the studio today!

Yesterday when the girl bears were making sandwiches they wouldn't let me help. So today I decided to make some toast.
Just because I am 2.5 inches tall they don't think I can do anything.

How long does this thing take anyway????

I'm hungry!! :o)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I am Rose.
Yvette has been working all day in her room. I think she is finishing a mermaid. I'm not sure though LOL She might be finishing another little bear. I know that she has three bears started and then the mermaid.
She has left all us bears to fend for ourselves today.
I also want to let you know that she put Mindy and Lyn in her Etsy shop.
They are excited that they get to go to a new home! What a wonderful adventure for them :o)
If you would like to take a peek - Look here.
Well got to go.
They rest of the bears and I are going to make honey and peanut butter sandwiches. YUMMY!!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Mindy and Lyn
Meet Mindy and her little elephant doll Lyn.
They are all dressed up and ready to go to Grandma's house. Grandma is baking cookies for them and they are going to have a tea party.
Mindy is so excited. She loves her Grandma!
Mindy is almost 5" and is made from a sparse curly mohair. She has black glass eyes and her nose is embroidered.
She is wearing a cotton print dress with lace and embroidery details. Her shoes are ultra suede with tiny roses embroidered on them. They have leather soles.
Little Lyn is almost 3" and made from a vintage grey upholstery velvet. she wears a matching dress and has ultra suede "stockings" that have been hand embroidered.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Paper Dolls
My doll club met this Saturday and we played with paper dolls.
These are mine.
The first one is a sunflower. She was made using images and textures printed off my computer.
The second one is just a girl. She was made using different papers, colored pencils and gel pens.
The third one is called Simple Times. She was made using a combination of images from the computer and different papers.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Meet Winston

He is a new big bear design.

He measures apx 8"

Winston is made out of vintage long pile synthetic fur.

It is similar to Kathryn's only a darker tan and not as soft.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Hi I'm Cody and this if my little friend Buttercup.

I am 5" and made from a dark chocolate mohair.

Buttercup is 3" and made out of a camel colored felt.

We wear matching ribbons in brown with blue polka dots.

We are looking for a new mommy or daddy and are available in Yvette's Etsy shop.
Come and visit us!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Spring Break!

My kids are on spring break this week.

Two bored teenagers with nothing to do! LOL

I have several things almost finished. I am working on two new bears, some new doll pins, a mermaid and another doll.

Hopefully I will get these completed by the end of next week.

Monday, April 09, 2007

I am so honored and excited. :o)

I was named Artist of the month at Edinburgh Imports.

If you would like to read the interview you can visit here. :o)

Edinburgh is a wonderful place to buy all your bear making supplies.

Their mohair is fabulous and yummy. And the people that work there are all very nice and extremely helpful!

They are also starting to sell doll making supplies.

The little bear in the picture is one of my flutterbys. She is about 2.5" and lives in her own little gourd house.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Easter!!!!
I hope every ones day is filled with lots of chocolate bunnies, jellybeans and marshmallow peeps!
Our Easter weekend is starting out with some snow!
Snow in April how wonderful!!!! :o)

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Meet Kathryn.
She is another big girl. Apx 9 inches.
She is made with the same pattern as the sleepy flower bear below.
I made her out of a vintage synthetic fur. This fur is very soft and fluffy. It is the perfect size pattern to use this fur. She has black suede paw pads.
The fur is very special to me as it was my Mom's.
She wanted to make a fur coat out of it but never got the chance to. It must be 30 yrs or so old.
I named the bear Kathryn after my Mom.