Monday, April 16, 2007

Hi I'm Cody and this if my little friend Buttercup.

I am 5" and made from a dark chocolate mohair.

Buttercup is 3" and made out of a camel colored felt.

We wear matching ribbons in brown with blue polka dots.

We are looking for a new mommy or daddy and are available in Yvette's Etsy shop.
Come and visit us!


Judi said...

Oh my gosh - totally adorable! Both of them. Best of luck with Etsy!

Kai said...

He looks like he's saying, "Don't you think I'm the cutest lil' guy EVER? And if THAT'S not enough, look how cute my teeny FRIEND is!" And he's 100% RIGHT! He's wonderful, Yvette! So precious & PERFECT!

Linda said...

Awwww.. he is so sweet with his polka dot tie, and that little Buttercup is just too adorable. I hope you realize how wonderful your work is!
Linda F from FL