Wednesday, April 04, 2007

In the beginning..
I thought I would share the first mini bear that I made.
It is quite different from what I make now.
He is just under 2"
I started to make miniature bears in 1999 when my husband was deployed with the Navy Seabees.
He would be gone six months home six months -- it was a really hard time for me with having two little kids at home and I missed him so much.
Anyway I saw a big bear dressed as a bee and wanted to have a little one. So I went home and figured out how to make one. I carried this little guy around in my purse for a long time. He would make me smile whenever I saw him.
I had a swatch book that I picked up somewhere in my stash of treasures and it was full of vintage upholstery velvet. So I used a piece of that to make him.
I now know that those swatches are valuable and rare. If I knew that then I probably wouldn't have cut it up. LOL
I then found a copy of Teddy Bears and Friends magazine. It happened to be the miniature edition that they put out every year.
I didn't know people actually made miniature bears or artist bears. I found that there were supplies available for them and people actually collected them.
So that first little bear lead to another and another and will lead to many more in the future.
Do you ever think about your first doll or bear that you made?


Judi said...

He's darling! I thought of a chocolate cookie when I saw his wings! (That's what I get for dieting!) I can't pinpoint my first doll or bear that I made since I've been making them on and off for years. I can pinpoint the one that led me on my current path though - it was a pattern in Soft Doll & Animal magazine. I have her on a shelf in my studio so, yes, I do think of her.

Laura Lynn said...

Yvette he is simply darling!!! Just under 2"???? WOW! For me a mini is just under FOUR LOL!!

I can certainly see why he would bring a smile to your face :)

JudiA said...

That's your FIRST bear?? He's beautiful Yvette, and just look at that perfect little nose!! Sigh... I for one am glad that you used a special fabric for SUCH a special bear. It always makes me a little sad to see the nicest things saved away and unable to fulfill their purpose...

As for my first doll, she is gone long and long ago, and probably just as well. I made her out of some leftover orange doubleknit fabric of my mother's (I am NOT making this up!) out of my own pattern. I think I was about 9 years old...


Kerry said...

What a cute bear and I love his big nose, I can see why you love him so much.

Linda said...

Yvette- that is just incrediable that you made your first bear with no pattern or help of any kind! And what an adorable bear! You are undeniably the queen of bears, my friend.
Linda F from FL

Shashi Nayagam said...

He is such a cutie. Wow you did this as a first one you are amazing!
I had my first doll for a number of years until it disappeared which is a another long story and I do miss her even though she didn't have a neck LOL!

Kai said...

As I said on the group, you were MEANT to make these teeny tiny critter-people! Amazing how you just sensed what to do, and actually made a beautiful, perfect little bear from your idea! WOW!

Lisa of Twin Cubs said...

I feel *special* as I got to hold this little cutie and look at him up close. He is AMAZING but then again, everything Yvette makes is amazing!

Scallywags Scribbles said...

Yvette, love this little bear, your bears are great!!