Friday, March 30, 2007

Little Spring Bear

She doesn't have a name. Anyone have any ideas?

This little girl loves flowers. Only she is allergic to them.

They make her sneeze and her eyes water yet she still picks them and loves the way they smell.

She is a big girl - measuring apx 9 "

She is made from mohair and ultrasuede.

I wanted to try to make eyelids. Since she is a bigger bear it was easier than putting them on a mini. Her eyelids are ultrasuede and embroidery floss.

Her flowers are hand painted muslin attached to wires.

She wears a fringed collar with a tiny daisy button. Her little hair ribbon started life as several different color hair scrunchies. It has a daisy button as well.

She is made from a pattern by Laura Lynn Matthews.
You can see her adorable bears here.

She has a wonderful website for teddy bear collectors here.


Jan D said...

wooooohoooo Yvette I just LOVE her expression-- Sets her apart and makes her even more special You are on a roll here.. I am not good at names but she is BERRY SPECIAL Hugs jan D

MaryO said...

This is a little sweetheart, Yvette! Those eyelids gave her such an adorable expression.

JudiA said...

OOoooohh... she looks as if she is just about ready to drift off into dreamland. So SWEET!! (I am also going to have to pay more attention to the little girls' hair pretties out there -- love the collar!)


Kai said...

I'm in total agreement with everyone!Those darling sleepy eyes make me want to tuck her in bed, kiss her goodnight, and let her drift into dreamland! She's absolutely the sweetest Bear yet!

Fran said...

OOOOOOOOOOO! Yvette, she is a cutie and love the Yummy colors on her. She looks like Candy (Candi).
Lvoe & Hugs

Linda said...

Oh Yvette! You have out-done yourself! I have never seen a bear with eyelids before- she is marvelous. I have only made a couple of bears- you make me want to do another one. You actually made her look like she has allergies! I love her! I kind of look like her now with our high pollen count- hee hee.

Linda F from FL

Judi said...

She looks like I feel when I have hayfever! She's adorable!

Linda said...

She is precious and looks like the perfect bedtime bear. ahhhhhh

Kerry said...

What a sweetie and love the eyelid look. Adorable!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Yvette I think you make the sweetest bears in the world. They are so tiny and so lovely I love the little terrapin as well.