Monday, March 26, 2007

Two new Artist Trading Dolls

Hazel is featured in these two cards.
She likes to be the center of attention.:o)

The first one is a folding ATD made from Judi's pattern.
The second one is made from Sherry's pattern.

I am finished making these for a bit. Time to make something else.

I have a new bear in the works.
He is a big fellow. Or maybe he is a she. I 'm not sure yet. I will know when I finish stuffing and add the face. When I get to that stage he/she will let me know what it wants to be.
It will be about 9 inches or so.

I also have a new doll traced out and ready to be sewn together. She may be an Easter prim doll. I won't know until she is finished either.

I always picture something in my mind of what I want to make and then it comes out totally different. My bears and dolls take on a life of there own and tell me what they want to be when I am at the finishing stage. So we will see what I end up with!


MaryO said...

Well, you know I HAD to look! And I'm so pleased to be getting one of these cuties! You make a great swap partner!!!!!!

Needle Pulling Thread Designs said...

I love them both. They are aso cute!


Lisa of Twin Cubs said...

Adorable as usual Yvette!!! These are so cool. Hazel deserves to be the center of attention!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh how lovely they are and how clever of you to incorporate the bears in it.

Judi said...

Why aren't I surprised that your bears are popping up into ATDs! These are totally awesome.

JudiA said...

I would recognize these as your work anywhere Yvette. Love the bears!! My stuff never looks the way I imagine it will in the beginning either, but I have learned to enjoy the surprises.


Kai said...

OH, BOY! Hazel is a bonafide celebrity now! LOL! She looks ADORABLE as an ATD! Both are EXTRA cute! But - uh - where's the naughty lil' monkey? He wants to be an ATD, too!

Jan D said...

You have such a way with minis that I knew you ATDs would be awesome too...Cant pick a favorite !! Hugs Jan D

Linda said...

Oh too Cute!

Kerry said...

Cute, cute!! your partners will be very happy!!

Doreen said...

Great work Yvette. Love the top one especially and thank you for your lovely comment's on my blog.

Best wishes

Linda said...

Leave it to the queen of bears to create bear ATD's! They are adorable, Yvette! Hazel is a star in all mediums- so adorable.
Linda F from FL