Sunday, March 04, 2007

Artist Trading Doll.

This is my first attempt at a paper doll and an ATC. I used Sherry's pattern to create this little jester/clown. He is about 8" tall.

As I was taking his picture his little balloon fell out of his hand. Maybe he doesn't want to carry it. hmmm????

He is done in reds and golds with sewn on beads. I am not sure if you are suppose to sew on these but I did anyway :o) I just happened to have this face laying around. It has been waiting for a body.


MaryO said...

Very cute, Yvette! These are going to be so much fun!!

Kai said...

How cute!!!!! He looks as tho' he's trying to say, "Look at me! Aren't I precious?" And he IS! LOVE HIM!

Linda said...

No one would ever know it was your first attempt at a paperdoll...woooweee...way to go girl.

Heera said...

Your jester is very cute Yvette. You can do anything with ATCs Yvette including sewing beads. Nice work!

Kerry said...

What a cutie, you did so great and your first time too! Stanley is a cutie too, I love monkeys!

Linda said...

Yvette, he is wonderful! You did a marvelous job with him. I can't believe he is your first one- wow!
Linda F from FL