Monday, March 12, 2007

Artist Trading Dolls
This is my third and fourth attempt at making these.
The pink one is made from cardstock, tissue paper, lace ribbon, beads and a bit of fabric.
I sewed the beads and fabric on. Her face is made out of air dry clay.
She has been enhanced with markers.
Bubba the cowboy is a photo of my dog.
I wanted to do something in a different color scheme (I tend to stay with pinks, blacks and fall colors - can't you tell LOL) so saw the boots in orange and yellow and started from there.
The shirt, hat and pants were printed on my computer from my print shop software.
I couldn't find a face that I liked so used Henry's.
I colored the objects with colored pencils and markers.
My family thinks I'm crazy but I am having so much fun with these.
I went shopping at Michael's for supplies on Saturday and ended up with nothing. There were so many papers and neat stuff to choose from that I couldn't decide LOL


MaryO said...

Oh, I LOVE that cowboy!!! LOL!! These are wonderful Yvette! Very creative.......

Jean Bernard said...

GREAT ATD's Yvette ! love Bubba a LOT ! very very creative! Wonderful indeed!
Jean :)

Kai said...

Oh, these are soooo cool! I LOVE Cowboy Bubba with your dog's cute face! You are TOO creative! AND, like you, I tend to gravitate toward pinks - and in my case - reds. So the girl is WONDERFUL! You just remind your family that when Mama is happy, EVERYBODY'S HAPPY! And keep right on making ATDs! LOL!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh how creative they are lovely!! I too love Bubba a lot.

Kerry said...

I love the purple one but Bubba just made me giggle, just too cute and a great idea to use your dog. I may have to run with your idea, I always said if my dog was human she would be the court fool, so she may become a jester!!

Glittering threads on the wind said...

Awesome there girl. Love it !!!!

Lisa of Twin Cubs said...

Bubba is great! I like the other one too especially the colors. Can't wait to see more!!!

Tami said...

I think the cowboy dog is too funny! He's great, and I love that he's named Bubba!!!!