Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I am having a problem with this tiny ted.

He doesn't want to get dressed!!

I tried to put him in pink but that didn't make him happy.
He firmly declared "I am a boy!!! And boys don't wear pink!!!"

He is just under 2 " and has a magnet in his bottom so he can stick to the metal lid of this box.

Does anyone have any idea as to what colors he should wear?
I am thinking of putting him in a party hat and decorating the box like a present. I hope he likes that idea. But ... I don't know.
For a little guy he sure is opinionated LOL


Kai said...

Oh, naughty lil' thing! He surely is CUTE, tho'! And check it out - look at your box. It's VERY similar in coloring (the bottom part) to HIM. See how well that deep rich brown lid goes with the box bottom? How about a deep brown for your lil' guy? Just an idea!

JudiA said...

Cute with an attitude? Gotta love him!! How about a WWI "flying ace" costume ala Snoopy from "Peanuts". You know, scarf and goggles, and the box might be a great imaginary Sopwith Camel...

Impressed as always,


Heera said...

Very handsome fella! and such a great idea of using a magnet.

Kerry said...

He is a handsome guy and I can see he has an attitude, perhaps the party hat is just the answer and he could hold a gazoo or balloons.

Kelly said...

He is really cute Yvette! I think the party idea is a great one.

Sherry Goshon ODACA said...

Okay I say he wants to have lots of tiny bells around his neck...he is wonderful

Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh how cute and who would think that is has an attitude LOL! I would say he might want a perky little hat and a tie

Kaz (Freckle's Heart Mini's) said...

Hiya Yvette!

What a little CUTIE!! I reckon he'd look FAB in red but then again I looove boy bears in red so I might be a little biased! =o)

Love the idea of the magnet, way to go!


Nancy said...

He looks like a dandy to me! I think he would look good in a white collar and bowtie.

Linda Fleming said...

Yvette, he is adorable! What a clever idea putting a magnet on his bottom and on the lid. You always comeup with ways to make you bears so unique and different. Great work!

Bear said...

oh ah noighty boy BUT bear says to Ted noighty noighty Ted- cos big boys do so wear pink and if I tell my Kieron Bear that--- he will come and unscrew ya neck for ya- Hes big Ted ---really huge big ---and ---- HE WEARS pink ----so there Ted -- stop being a noighty Ted and get you dressed or this here Bear is going to tell all the Teds and Bears out there all about how you is sooooo noighty!!
lubs n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxo
PS Fran can U imagine how the spellchecker is behaving with this email- its going crazy ggggg!!! lubs ya xoxox B xoxoxo)