Friday, May 04, 2007

Mindy and Lyn
Meet Mindy and her little elephant doll Lyn.
They are all dressed up and ready to go to Grandma's house. Grandma is baking cookies for them and they are going to have a tea party.
Mindy is so excited. She loves her Grandma!
Mindy is almost 5" and is made from a sparse curly mohair. She has black glass eyes and her nose is embroidered.
She is wearing a cotton print dress with lace and embroidery details. Her shoes are ultra suede with tiny roses embroidered on them. They have leather soles.
Little Lyn is almost 3" and made from a vintage grey upholstery velvet. she wears a matching dress and has ultra suede "stockings" that have been hand embroidered.


Kai said...

If this is not the most darling duo EVER, I don't know what IS! What a cute story about them, too! That lil' nose on your bear is so sweet, and the fabric you chose for their matching dresses is perfect! Really pretty! Did you embroider the shoes, too? Wow! You put such incredible detail into these teeny pieces! They're wonderful!

Lisa of Twin Cubs said...

Aha! Now I know where you've been. Working on this cute pair, that's where! Such wonderful detail.

Too funny that her doll is an Elephant. Were we mind melding this week or what? LOL!

Kerry said...

These are so sweet and I love the bears nose,I don't know how you work with fur in such small pieces, I did okay with my 13" bear but mu goodness so tiny is scary!!

JudiA said...

I don't know how you keep coming up with ideas for these bears -- each one is cuter than the last, and all so unique. These 2 are absolutely precious.


Linda said...

Aww.. Mindy and Lynn are my new favorites! So adorable! And the story you created for them is just the sweetest ever. I think you should be named the Goddess of Teddy Bears!
Linda F from FL

MaryO said...

Mindy and Lyn are so dear, Yvette! I must have one of your bears one day!

Judi said...

She's different from your usual bear! I love her little pink nose! As usual you do a fanatastic job on your bears! You are amazing!

Bear said...

these are so beautiful- I love the sparse mohair look and its so beautifully constructed- lovely lovely lovely!!! I love them!!
love n hugs bear xoxoxox

Kaz (Freckle's Heart Mini's) said...

Just popped over to see your Blog Yvette and found some GORGEOUS bearies and friends!! Love you creations, so whimsical and SWEET!!


Heera said...

Very cute and so beautifully made, Yvette. You are so good at making them so small yet so detailed. Love them both. Mindy is very lucky to be able to go to grandma's for cookies. (I would love to tag along if she'd take me- please!).

Louisiana Momma said...

yeah what Judi said - each one cuter than the last.. is that possible?? Your bears are just awesome! It amazes me how small you can work - such talent!

Sherry Goshon ODACA said...

oh you did it again...just so darling...wohooo i'm in love