Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Oh My!!

Where did June go?

With the kids out of school for summer it has been really crazy around here. June just flew by.

I have finally managed to finish a couple of things.

This is a paper doll for a trade.

She is suppose to resemble someone - can you guess who? :o)
Her bag opens to reveal all of her favorite supplies. I hope my swap partner loves her.


Nancy said...

I've never met her but I've heard a lot about her..could it be Elinor Peace Baily?

Kai said...

That HAS to be epb! You got her hair, her glasses, her outfit - WAY TO GO! And I am SO glad to see you online! I've really missed you! Great paper doll! Your partner - IS your partner epb? - will LOVE her!

Judi said...

She's great!

Fran said...

She's FANTASTIC!!!! FUN!!!
Love & Hugs

JudiA said...

epb!! Only she could get away with dressing like that. sigh... I wish I dared some days, LOL! I've missed you Yvette -- hope all is well.


Lisa of Twin Cubs said...

Wow that looks just like EPB. Great job!