Friday, November 14, 2008

Wanna Play?????
I finally got a little sewing time in.
What was suppose to be a quick project turned out to be a two week project. But I finally got her finished. :o)
This is little Susie - she is a puppy I made as a get well present for a friend of mine.
I had a little time to get into my studio. What a mess!!
My daughter has been in there drawing and making jewelry and eating!!!! Yes eating - I found snack wrappers and drink cans. Grrrrrrrr!!
Anyway as I was trying to clean it up so I could have space on my desk to work - I got so distracted looking at all my fabric, ribbons, beads, etc. and thinking about all the things I want to do .... Well it is not clean yet. Hopefully I will get it cleaned this weekend.
I have so many little bears and dolls dancing in my head trying to get out.
I still haven't figured out how to balance working and having sewing time. Maybe if I get my studio cleaned up it will make it easier. I have never been a very organized person. LOL
Can anyone believe that it is already mid November?!! Where did the year go? It just seemed to fly by!!