Thursday, May 22, 2008

This is my version of Tweedle Dee.
She is a silly little bird.
She is a new pattern by elinor peace bailey.
I think she is the cutest thing!
I had a little trouble following the directions so she didn't go together quite right but I love her anyway! :o) (I am not good at following directions or reading patterns LOL)
The pattern is really fun and goes together really fast.
It comes with a pre-printed face. I choose not to use it and drew the face that came with the pattern.
If you want to see elinor's patterns they are here.
And the pre printed face fabric is here.


Fran said...

Tweedle Dee is a cutie.
Love looking at your blog.
I still think about Reese & Peanut Butter. LOL !! What cuties.
Love & Hugs

Shashi Nayagam said...

Your rendition of EPB's pattern is very sweet Yvette.

Natalie said...

Another Wonderful Creation!!!
Too cute.



Judi W. said...

That's too cute! Does it have a body?

Kerry said...

Cute little bird, very sweet!

Linda Fleming said...

What a sweet face! Just too too cute! Hope you have a great holiday weekend.

HElen said...

What a lovely piece!
And your pincushions - one better than another! Wonderful work!

Cindibee said...

Adorable! Will she get a sister?

Clothmatters said...

She is adorable Yvette!

Maggie R said...


Chloe' said...

just found you! your Tweedle Dee is such a sweetie
Love your Blog,
will come back soon!