Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hi - I'm Charlie and we are in the middle of a big decision here.

Yvette is getting ready for a class with elinor peace bailey this weekend.

She is really excited as it will be her first doll class. And she has heard what a fun teacher elinor is!

( I heard somewhere she doesn't capitalize her name? - is that true? )

Anyway we are trying to decide with pattern to make. (I know she should have started it already but .... ????

I don't know why she has waited. Since she waited so long to start this doll we didn't have time to buy a pattern so she is picking one from a magazine.

Here are the two patterns that we are choosing from.

Wee Bit Revisited

which is in The Cloth Doll magazine - Fall 1998.

Here are the fabrics combinations that she has chosen to possible make that one.

Aren't those tassel delightful!!! I love them and the orange is so wild.

OH! There is a glare on the magazine photo. Maybe I should learn to use the camera - instead of just monkeying around with it..tee hee :o)


The Keeper of Memories

which is in Cloth Dolls magazine - This magazine was a special edition magazine publish a while ago. It's an Australian magazine I don't think they made any more. Well at least we didn't find one :o)

Here are the fabric combination for that doll.

They are a little more elegant and they are so silky. The light one with flowers is very glittery!

I wonder which she will choose. I don't see any pink and black or red which are her favorite colors to use. I wish she would hurry up! She promised to finish me sometime in the future. I think I would like a button front shirt collar and a tie. I want to be a well dressed monkey! :o)

Where did May go? It seems to have rushed by. The kids will be out of school in a week!!!!! Now lets get in that studio and start sewing!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I am having a problem with this tiny ted.

He doesn't want to get dressed!!

I tried to put him in pink but that didn't make him happy.
He firmly declared "I am a boy!!! And boys don't wear pink!!!"

He is just under 2 " and has a magnet in his bottom so he can stick to the metal lid of this box.

Does anyone have any idea as to what colors he should wear?
I am thinking of putting him in a party hat and decorating the box like a present. I hope he likes that idea. But ... I don't know.
For a little guy he sure is opinionated LOL

Monday, May 21, 2007

Inches charm swap

I am doing a charm swap with a group of 12 ladies.
The idea is to make a charm out of any material that measure 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" or smaller...the only requirement is that they be able to be attached with a jump ring so they can be added to a charm bracelet or something.

I forgot to take a picture of mine before I wrapped them for shipping so now it will be a surprise when the ladies receive them.
I hope they are going to like them!
Swaps always make me so nervous! :o)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I have been tagged by Shashi.

Apparently what I am supposed to do is start with 7 random facts/habits about myself post them in my blog and then choose 7 people to tag - and not forget to tell them in the comment section of their blog.

So here goes!!
1) I don't like to be bothered in the morning until I have had coffee and time to wake up.
2) I love miniature shoes and regular shoes for that matter.
3) I love unusual teapots.
4) I start a lot more projects than I finish.
5) I always wanted to ride on the cow when he jumped over the moon. I also wanted to know why he did that.
6) My favorite place is the beach. I love to watch the seals and dolphins play and to collect sea shells. I miss living close to it.
7) I married my husband in less than 1 month after meeting him - we have been married 18 years and I still love him and he is my best friend.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Nothing new comming out of the studio today!

Yesterday when the girl bears were making sandwiches they wouldn't let me help. So today I decided to make some toast.
Just because I am 2.5 inches tall they don't think I can do anything.

How long does this thing take anyway????

I'm hungry!! :o)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I am Rose.
Yvette has been working all day in her room. I think she is finishing a mermaid. I'm not sure though LOL She might be finishing another little bear. I know that she has three bears started and then the mermaid.
She has left all us bears to fend for ourselves today.
I also want to let you know that she put Mindy and Lyn in her Etsy shop.
They are excited that they get to go to a new home! What a wonderful adventure for them :o)
If you would like to take a peek - Look here.
Well got to go.
They rest of the bears and I are going to make honey and peanut butter sandwiches. YUMMY!!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Mindy and Lyn
Meet Mindy and her little elephant doll Lyn.
They are all dressed up and ready to go to Grandma's house. Grandma is baking cookies for them and they are going to have a tea party.
Mindy is so excited. She loves her Grandma!
Mindy is almost 5" and is made from a sparse curly mohair. She has black glass eyes and her nose is embroidered.
She is wearing a cotton print dress with lace and embroidery details. Her shoes are ultra suede with tiny roses embroidered on them. They have leather soles.
Little Lyn is almost 3" and made from a vintage grey upholstery velvet. she wears a matching dress and has ultra suede "stockings" that have been hand embroidered.